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"There's something really cool in doing something that's never been done before. It's kind of nice to create a new piece of existence."
 - Aerial Manx
As shown in the Anatomy Arts Documentary, "Stomach"

Beginning his career eating fire in nightclubs across Melbourne at age 18, Aerial Manx began street performing while studying Circus at University. Street theatre gave Manx an opportunity to play, create and improvise, learning to entertain small and large audiences either in English or without saying a word.

After his 21st birthday, Manx did something no-one else had ever attempted. While performing at the Woodford Folk Music Festival, Manx became the first sword swallower in history to swallow two 2,000Volt neon tubes simultaneously. At age 22, Manx performed the World’s First 'Handstand Sword Swallow', absolutely redefining extreme sword swallowing and pioneering 'Sword Swallowing Acrobatics'.

Manx has circled the globe multiple times performing in street theatre festivals, theatres, and corporate events. All of these performances showcased his contortion, whipcracking, various forms of juggling as well as many other skills, and ultimately his unique record breaking sword swallowing stunts.

His professional highlights include a performing at the Glastonbury Festival with the Monster Sideshow, being the feature of 2013 ABC Arts Documentary, “Anatomy: ‘Stomach'” (Directed by Hamish McCormick of Carnival Cinema) and achieving his three Guinness World Records – Most backflips whilst swallowing a sword in under 1 minute (20 backflips), heaviest weight to be dangled from a swallowed sword (29kgs) and the fastest human backbend walk over 20metres (7.8seconds).

Manx continues to push boundaries and the limits of his body.