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Guinness World Records


- Heaviest weight dangled from a swallowed sword - 29kgs

- Fastest human backbend walk over 20 metres - 7.8 seconds

- Most backflips whilst swallowing a sword in under one minute - 20 backflips

World First Stunts and Records


- Worlds first sword swallow back whip/back somersault

- Worlds first two high sword swallow juggle on a rolla-bolla - based by Hemlock Merjarne
- Worlds first sword swallow handstand in a bed of broken glass
- Most juggling catches  using 3 clubs - while balancing on a rolla-bolla and sword swallowing
- Worlds first 'three high' sword swallow -Three man single file tower - Solid State Circus


- Worlds first flesh-hook suspension & sword swallow featuring pyrotechnics

- Worlds first handstand while swallowing a 2000vlt neon tube
- Worlds first single 2000vlt neon tube swallow with a sword swallow
- Worlds First double 2000Vlt
neon tube swallow with a sword swallow
- Worlds first chainsaw and 2 machete juggle while swallowing a sword
- Worlds first sword swallow back flip
- Multiple cartwheels whilst swallowing a sword - 9 cartwheels



- Worlds first sword swallow suicide fall on Chinese Pole - 3 metre drop
- Longest time balancing on hands whilst swallowing a sword - 17 seconds
- Worlds first sword swallow aerial walkover
- Worlds first sword swallow whilst balancing upside down in hand-to-hand handstand - based by Hemlock Mejarne



- Worlds first sword swallow suicide fall (Royal Mile, Edinburgh)

- Swallowed the Sword of Swords - The most swallowed sword in history


- World first handstand whilst sword swallowing


World first double 2000vlt neon tube swallow


Unofficial World Records


- Most weight lifted from a swallowed sword - 34.9kgs



- Worlds first multiple glass sword swallow - 3 glass swords